Image: Underwater black and white photograph of numerous white people swimming in a pool. Their bodies float limply in the water, and are intersected by two horizontal hoses and small plastic whistles that are strung across the pool's interior. The image depicts an underwater sound installation by sonic artist Max Neuhaus called Water Whistle (ca. 1970-1972).


Hello! I'm a contemporary art and digital media culture specialist. I research and write on digital art, intermedia practices, and computational aesthetics, and currently writing a book on sound artist Max Neuhaus (1939-2019) and the politics of listening. Specifically, I study how sound and listening contribute to a multi-sensory framework for understanding "art and technology," and connect historical technologies of power to those of today. Currently, I'm a Lecturer of Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance (IAP) at Arizona State University (ASU). 

My work foregrounds interdisciplinary analysis, pairing art history with disability and gender studies, as well as musicology, media studies and the history of technology. In this effort, my work complements conventional artistic formal analysis with scientific knowledge and cultural critique. 

One of my core interests is to examine how the field of "art and technology," and its many attendant techno-material cultures, sustains and creates political ideology. From the "politics of listening" to an emergent political economy of "blockchain aesthetics," my work examines how art and media both engender new modes of expression and cultivate systems of power.

Portrait photo of a light-skinned (white) person in an industrial urban setting of Cleveland, OH. They are wearing a black baseball hat, have round clear plastic glasses, and a blue bandana with white birdwing-like pattern over their face.

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